Read word Spell word
m mom
n thin
ŋ ink
p pop
b above
mb lamb
q talk
d diamond
nd wind
k cool
g go
ŋg finger
ʔ uh-oh
2 -and
f feather
v vowel
þ thing
ð this
s sail
z zoo
ʃ shovel
ʒ measure
ʦ expensive
ʣ zero
ʧ shine
ʤ zhero
x raxama
ɣ ghost
h how
ɦ hamma
r race
l lump
ƿ weather
j yes


Read word Spell word
ї bring
i chili
e sea
y ew
ı bit
ɛ express
æ cat
ʌ but
a america
o got
w book
u tool

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