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E is the fifth letter of the Latin alphabet. Its unicode points are Latin Capital Letter E, U+0045 (E) and Latin Small Letter E, U+0065 (e).

Appearance Edit

A capital E is identical to Greek Capital Letter Epsilon, U+0395 (Ε) and Cyrillic Capital Letter Ie, U+0415 (Е). A lower case e is identical to Cyrillic Small Letter Ie, U+0435 (е).

Usage Edit

The letter E is used in most languages that use the latin alphabet. In some languages it is even the most used letter.

It is also used in the International Phonetic Alphabet for an unrounded close-mid front vowel.

Diacritics, ligatures and derivations Edit

E can take a lot of diacritics. Here are some of the precomposed letters in unicode.

Above the letter:

Diacritic Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Dot (˙) Ė U+0116 ė U+0117 e.g. Lithuanian
Diaeresis (¨) Ë U+00CB ë U+00EB e.g. Albanian
Acute (´) É U+00C9 é U+00E9 e.g. French
Grave (`) È U+00C8 è U+00E8 e.g. French
Double grave (˵) Ȅ U+0204 ȅ U+0205 Serbo-Croatian linguistics
Circumflex (^) Ê U+00CA ê U+00EA e.g. Welsh
Caron (ˇ) Ě U+011A ě U+011B e.g. Czech
Tilde (~) U+1EBC U+1EBD e.g. Kaingang
Macron (ˉ) Ē U+0112 ē U+0113 e.g. Latvian
Breve (˘) Ĕ U+0114 ĕ U+0115 e.g. Foochow Romanized
Inverted breve Ȇ U+0206 ȇ U+0207 e.g. Serbo-Croatian linguistics
Hook U+1EBA U+1EBB Vietnamese

Below the letter:

Diacritic Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Dot U+1EB9 U+1EB8 e.g. Vietnamese
Circumflex U+1E18 U+1E19 ?
Tilde U+1E1A U+1E1B Phonetics?

Through the letter or as part of the letter:

Diacritic Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Cedilla (¸) Ȩ U+0228 ȩ U+0229 ?
Ogonek (˛) Ę U+0118 ę U+0119 e.g. Polish
Slash (/) Ɇ U+0246 ɇ U+0247 ?
Retroflex hook U+1D92 Phonetics?
Notch U+2C78 Phonetics?


Letter Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
AE ligature Æ U+00C6 æ U+00E6 e.g. Danish
ET ligature (or ampersand) & U+0026 e.g. English
Tironian ET ligature U+204A e.g. midiaeval manuscripts
OE ligature Œ U+0152 œ U+0153 e.g. French
UE ligature U+1D6B Midiaeval manuscripts?


Diacritics Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Circumflex and acute U+1EBE ế U+1EBF Vietnamese
Circumflex and grave U+1EC0 U+1EC1 Vietnamese
Circumflex and tilde U+1EC4 U+1EC5 Vietnamese
Circumflex and hook U+1EC2 U+1EC3 Vietnamese
Circumflex and dot below U+1EC6 U+1EC7 Vietnamese
Macron and acute U+1E16 U+1E17 ?
Macron and grave U+1E14 U+1E15 ?
Cedilla and breve U+1E1C U+1E1D ?
Æ with acute Ǽ U+01FC ǽ U+01FD e.g. Old Norse transcription
Æ with macron Ǣ U+01E2 ǣ U+01E3 ?

Derived letters:

Variation Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Small capital U+1D07 Phonetics?
Small capital Æ U+1D01 Phonetics?
Small capital Œ ɶ U+0276 e.g. IPA
Reversed ɘ U+0258 e.g. IPA
Turned Ǝ U+018E ǝ U+01DD ?
Turned Æ U+1D02 Phonetics?
Turned ΠU+1D14 Phonetics?
Schwa Ə U+018F ə U+0259 e.g. IPA
Schwa with hook ɚ U+025A e.g. IPA
Schwa with retroflex hook U+1D95 Phonetics?
Epsilon (or open e) Ɛ U+0190 ɛ U+025B e.g. IPA
Epsilon with retroflex hook (or open e with retroflex hook) U+1D93 Phonetics?
Reversed epsilon (or reversed open e) U+A7AB ɜ U+025C e.g. IPA
Reversed epsilon with hook (or reversed open e with hook) ɝ U+025D e.g. IPA
Reversed epsilon with retroflex hook (or reversed open e with retroflex hook) U+1D94 Phonetics?
Turned epsilon (or turned open e) U+1D08 Phonetics?
Closed epsilon (or closed open e) ʚ U+029A e.g. IPA
Closed reversed epsilon (or closed reversed open e) ɞ U+025E e.g. IPA

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