Scripts and Symbols
European scripts
Latin · Greek · Coptic · Cyrillic · Armenian · Georgian · Ogham · Runic · Glagolitic · Coptic · Linear B syllabary and Linear B ideograms · Phaistos Disc · Old Italic · Gothic · Cypriot

Supplementary European scripts
Latin 1-Supplement · Latin Extended-A · Latin Extended-B · Cyrillic supplement · · Latin Extended Additional Greek extended · Latin Extended-C · Georgian supplement · Cyrillic Extended-A · Cyrillic Extended-B · Latin Extended-D

Phoenitic symbols

Combining diacritics scripts

African scripts

Middle Eastern scripts

Central Asian scripts

South Asian scripts

Southeast Asian scripts

Philippine scripts

East Asian scripts

North American scripts
Cherokee (USA and Mexico) · UCAS (Canada)

Miscellaneous American scripts
Deseret · Shavian

Indescriptional American scripts

Other scripts


Alphanumeric symbols

Technical symbols

Combining diacritics symbols

Numbers and Digits

Mathematical symbols

Other symbols


Private Use


Noncharacters in Charts

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